Enrichment of Yoghurt


Brief Description of Technology Including Salient Features:                                                                                              

The yoghurt having antioxidant activities was prepared by adding fine wine lees. This product was prepared having idea of giving different dairy product rich in natural colour, aroma, nutritional and antioxidant properties. Yoghurt with antioxidants was recorded with improved rheological activities. The prepared product obtained very good rating for acceptance which was decided on the organoleptic score basis. Fine wine lees of red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon) was collected from second racking of wine and processed to make powdery form. Methodology was developed to make maximum absorbance of processed wine lees by the the product. The developed technology produced a high quality product from the waste generated by wine industry. Utilization of waste will generate extra income and will help in sustaining wine industry. Same time utilization of winery waste will help in avoiding soil and water pollution also. The developed product has potential due to higher antioxidant properties.


TargetUsers/Stake holders : Dairy industry

Benefits/Utility: Different product, Natural touch for colour, Higher antioxidant properties


Yoghurt with antioxidants:


Nutritive value:

1.Total Phenolics: 0.25 mg/g

2.Antioxidant activity: 2.64 mg/g

3.Protein: 14.12%



Milk, sugar, processed fine wine lees of Cabernet Sauvignon wineA noble product with higher nutraceutical values, natural colour and improved rheological properties.


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