Mera gaon Mera Gaurav-2019


Walva, the selected venue for MGMG programme was visited by Dr. Kaushik Banerjee, Dr. Sujoy Saha and Dr. D.S.Yadav on 23.12.2019. They were accompanied by the local director of MRDBS, Mr Shelke for the visit. A total of five vineyards were visited.

In the fields of Mr. Rajendra Ahir, where grape variety Sarita Seedless was grown, there was secondary infestation of shot hole borers in vineyard under stress condition due to more than 2 months waterlogging and several vines (around 20-30 vines) were affected showing wilting symptoms. An infected vine was cut and both the larvae and adults of the pest were demonstrated to the growers.

In the vines of Mr. Chandra Shekhar Shelke, anthracnose disease was observed, but no fungicide spray was recommended, to avoid detection issues. The variety grown was Sarita Seedless and Trichoderma was regularly applied through drip and soil drench. The bunch size was appropriate and the berries were free from diseases

Two plots of Mr. Vasant Mahajan were visited, and in both the plots, variety Krishna Seedless was grown. About 20% of the vines were infected by the shot hole borers. In both the plots, Trichoderma was applied. The chloride content of the soil was very high and the crop was in early berry setting stage.

The last plot was that of Mr. Atul Bilawde and the crop was in harvesting stage. About 20-25 growers gathered in the field and discussion regarding late stage pest management was done. Dr. Yadav briefed about the strategies that were needed to be adopted for shot hole borer and mealybug management. Dr. Saha highlighted the importance of application of Sulphur and Ampelomyces quisqualis in alteration for the management of the powdery mildew. Dr. Banerjee emphasized on the use of pesticides as per Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to avoid pesticide residue issues. Finally, the growers were advised to follow the weather based advisory as given in the website of the ICAR-NRCG for timely intervention in their crop.

Mera gaon Mera Gaurav-2019