Title of Work Author\Inventor Name & Designation Date of Filling, Publication Application number Status of application
A method for extraction of anthocyanins and composition thereof Ahammed Shabeer TP,
Kaushik Banerjee,
Prachi Jain,
Sneha Srambikkal Mohandas,
Narayan Kamble

201711021975 Filed and published
A method for preparation of Enriched yoghurt Ajay Kumar Sharma,
Manda Kerba Aglawe

201711020822 Filed and published
Isolation and identification of novel attractant pheromone for pink mealybug and its method of synthesis U. Amala,
Banerjee, Kaushik,
Oulkar, Dashrath
05/09/2018 20181103339 Filed


Copyright title Author\Inventor Name & Designation Application No/Diary No: Date of grant
A web based online grapevine disease and pest diagnosis system for India Dr.S.D.Sawant,
Dr. N.S.Kulkarni,
Dr. D.S.Yadav
9478/2016-CO/SW 31/01/2018
Diagnostics and management of pests of table grapes, a ready reckoner for diagnosis and management of grapevine pests in India Mrs.K.Y.Mundankar,
Dr. N.S.Kulkarni,
Dr. D.S.Yadav,
Dr. K.Banerjee
9479/2016-CO/SW 31/01/2018
Grapevine diseases in India a ready reckoner for diagnosis and management of grapevine diseases in India Mrs.K.Y.Mundankar,
Dr. S.D.Sawant,
Dr. I.S.Sawant
9480/2016-CO/SW 31/01/2018
Catalogue of Indian grape vitis spp germplasm volume I Dr.G.S.Karibasappa 9481/2016-CO/L 31/01/2018
Information system for management of microsatellite data for grape Germplasm in India Mrs.K.Y.Mundankar,
Dr.Anuradha Upadhyay
SW-8145/2014 13/10/2014
Grape Germplasm Information System Mrs.K.Y.Mundankar SW-3313/2006 29/12/2006
NRCG-SKAI PMExpert software for management of powdery mildew in Indian vineyards Mrs.K.Y.Mundankar SW-3312/2006 29/12/2006


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Trademark classes and description of class Certificate Number Date Of Grant
Class 33: Alcoholic beverages(except beers) 1549205 11/05/2017
Class 42: Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software. 1547118 08/05/2017
Class 31: Agricultural, horticultural and forestry products and grains not included in other classes; live animals; fresh fruits and vegetables; seeds, natural plants and flowers; foodstuffs for animals, malt 1549037 11/05/2017
Class 32:Beers, mineral and aerated waters, and other non-alcoholic drinks; fruit drinks and fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages 1548515 11/05/2017
Class 44:Medical services, veterinary services, hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture, horticulture and forestry services 1549779 12/05/2017