1. High end equipment like LCMSMS, GCMSMS, ICPMS

SN. No.Name ( Model / type / year of make)
1.LC-MS/MS, (API 4000 QTrap, AB Sciex, USA)
2.LC-MS/MS (5500 Q.Trap, AB Sciex, USA)
3.LC-MS/MS (API 2000 Q.Trap, AB Sciex, USA)
4.LC -MS/MS-APGC-MS/MS (Waters Xevo-TQS, USA)
5.UPLC- QToF- MS (Waters Synapt G2-Q-TOF, USA)
6.UHPLC-Q Exactive Orbitrap (Thermo Scientific, USA)
7.GC-MS/MS (QqQ, 7000B), Agilent Technologies, USA
8.GC-MS/MS-TQ-8040 (Shimadzu, Japan)
9.MDGC-MS-Single Quadrapole QP-2010 (Shimadzu, Japan)
10.GC X GC – ToF-MS (Leco Corporation, USA)
11.ICP-LC-MS (Agilent Technologies, USA)

2. Specialized Equipment like HPLC, GC etc.

SN. No.Name ( Model / type / year of make)
1.UPLC-FLR Detector, Waters Corporation, USA
2.UHPLC-Dionex ultimate 3000 Waters with DAD Detector
3.UPLC- TUV Detector, Waters Corporation, USA

3. General Equipment

SN. No.Name ( Model / type / year of make)
1.UV-Spectrophotometer- Shimadzu UV-1800
2.Accelerator Solvent Extractor (Dionex - 350)
3.Genevac Rocket Synergy Evaporation (Thermo Scientific)
4.Forced convection laboratory incubator (Esco- Isotherm)
5.Bench top freeze dryer system (Labconco)
6.Bench top freeze dryer system (Virtis)
7.Rotary Evaporator (Heidolph)
8.Spray Dryer ( Techno search)
9.Low volume Concentrator, Turbovap LV Caliper
10.Walk-in Cold Storage (-200C and 00C), Blue star
11.Vertical Deep Freezer, FS-345 (Vest frost blue star ltd.)
12.Refrigerator, -20o C Deep freezer Samsung
13.Refrigerated centrifuge, Kubota 6500
14.Cryocube-F570 -80o C Deep freezer (Thermo search)
15.Orbital Shaker, Scigenics Orbitek
16.Precision Electronic Balance , Adair Dutt ADGR 220
17.Analytical balance, Adair Dutt AJ – 420E-A-Vibra
18.High Micro centrifuge, D-Lab D2012 plus
19.Microcentrifuge, Biofuge Pico Heraeus