Technical bulletins

  1. Manjari Medika grape juice variety: Suitable for Zero Waste Concept of Processing (Download pdf)
  2. Appropriate and economical use of water in grapevine cultivation. (Download pdf)
  3. Fertigation in grapes.(Download pdf)
  4. Grape cultivation on rootstocks. (Download pdf)
  5. खुंटावरील द्राक्ष लागवड (किंमत रु. 50/-)
  6. Diagnosis of nutritional disorders and management in grapevine. (Download pdf)
  7. Fruitfulness in grapes. (Download pdf)
  8. Training and pruning in grapes. (Price Rs. 50/-)
  9. Judicious use of bioregulators to increase productivity and quality in grapes. (Price Rs. 50/-)
  10. द्राक्षाची उत्पादकता व गुणवत्ता वाढीसाठी संजीवकांचा वापर किंमत रु. 50/-)
  11. Establishment of new vineyard - Do's and Don'ts (Price Rs. 50/-)
  12. Foundation pruning in grapes - Do's and Don'ts  (Price Rs. 50/-)
  13. Fruit pruning in grapes - Do's and Don'ts (Price Rs. 50/-)