ICAR-NRC for Grapes offers consultancy services in the following broad areas of specialization.
Consultancy topic Consultant
Bio-intensive diesease managementDr. Sujoy Saha
Grape canopy managementDr. R.G. Somkuwar
Grape varietiesDr. R.G. Somkuwar / Dr. Roshni Samarth
Water managementDr. A.K. Upadhyay
Nutrient managementDr. A.K. Upadhyay
Mass Spectrometry Technology and Emerging Applications, Setting up of pesticide residue & aflatoxins testing laboratoryDr. K. Banerjee / Dr. Ahammed Shabeer TP
Analytical methods of agrochemical residuesDr. K. Banerjee / Dr. Ahammed Shabeer TP
Optimum use of bio-regulators in grapesDr. S. D. Ramteke
Grape processingDr. A.K. Sharma
Disease management Dr. Sujoy Saha
Sprayers and their calibrationDr. Sujoy Saha
Insect pest managementDr. D.S. Yadav
DUS testing & registeration of new grape varieties under PPVFRADr. Roshni Samarth
Scientific grape nurseryMs. T. Anupa