GC-MS/MS- 7000B, Agilent Technologies

               GC-MS/MS, TQ-8040, Shimadzu
Instrument Details
  • Make: Agilent Technologies Shimadzu
  • Model: Agilent 7000B , Shimadzu TQ-8040
  • Specification: Gas chromatography with triple quadrupole mass spectrometry
Working Principles
  • GC separation through capillary column and mass spectrometric identification and confirmation by multiple reaction monitoring.
  • Targeted residue analysis of pesticides, plant growth regulators, etc. and identification of plant metabolites.
Procedure Name
  • QuEChERs, modified QuEChERS, Ethyl acetate method, single residue method
User Instructions
  • The samples should be prepared by standard extraction and clean up procedure in consultation with NRL.
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