Dr. Ahammed Shabeer T.P.



Dr. Ahammed Shabeer T.P., Scientist (Agricultural Chemistry)


  • B. Sc. (Agriculture):2000-2004: Agriculture, Kerala agricultural University, Kerala
  • M.Sc., Agricultural Chemicals: 2005-2007: Division of Agricultural Chemicals, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi
  • Ph.D., Pesticide Residue: 2007-2011: Division of Agricultural Chemicals, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

Specialization / Discipline

  • Crop Protection

Positions held

Scientist (ICAR):
  • April 2012- Continuing, National Research Centre for Grapes, Pune, MS
Scientist (ICAR):
  • January 2010- March- 2012, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

Area of specialization

Pesticide Residue Chemistry
  • Pesticide residue analysis method development and validation in food and environment.
  • Monitoring of pesticides and agrochemical residues in fruits, vegetables and environment.
  • Risk assessment studies of pesticides and agrochemicals

Current research interest

  • Method development, validation and profiling of grape varieties for poly phenolic and aromatic constituents.
  • Development of multiresidue methodology for agrochemical residue analysis by chromatographic techniques, monitoring and risk assessment of agrochemicals in food and environment.
  • Decontamination of agrochemical residues in food and environment

Professional Experience

  • Decontamination of pesticide residues and Poly Aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from water by Flocculation-coagulation-adsorption using alum, PAC and organically modified nano clays.
  • Quality evaluation of Indian raisins with respect to physical, chemical (pesticide residue, heavy metals) and biological contaminants.
  • Development and validation of multiresidue methodology for analysis of pesticide residues in food and environmental contamination and the risk assessment studies.
  • Proactive role in residue monitoring plan of APEDA, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India to promote the export of fresh fruits and vegetables and wine from India to the European Union countries since April 2012.

Professional Affiliations:

Life member:
  • Society of Pesticide Science India
  • Clay Mineral Society of India
  • Indian Society of Soil Science (2010-11, 2011-12)

Honours and Recognition

  • Treasurer, The Clay Minerals Society of India (2010 to 2012)
  • Best Poster Award in the 17th Annual convention of Indian Society of Soil Science, November 16-19, 2012, held at Dharward.
  • Member as NRCG nominee to Techno Scrutiny Committee for the scheme for setting up/ upgradation of food testing laboratories under Minitstry of Food Processing Industries
  • Member as Director, NRCG nominee to Expert Committee on Food Testing Laboratory, constituted by DDG Engineering
  • Faculty, PG school, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi from 2011 till transfer to NRC for Grapes on April, 2012
  • Journal of Hazardous Materials
  • Environmental Monitoring and Assessment

Invited talks and oral presentation in national and international conferences:

  • Shabeer A.T.P., Gajbhiye V.T., Suman Gupta and Manjaiah K.M. (2012) Removal of Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons from water by flocculation-coagulation-adsorption process. Second International Conference on Agrochemicals protecting crops, health and natural environment: role of chemistry for sustainable agriculture. Held during February 14-18, New Delhi. (Oral presentation)
  • Ahammed Shabeer, T.P., Gajbhiye, V.Y., Gupta Suman and Manjaiah, K.M. (2011) Remediation of organic pollutants from waste water using clay minerals. In National Symposium on applications of clay science: Agriculture, environment and industry, CMSI, Nagpur, 18-19 February 2011(Oral Presentation)
  • Invited Talk on “Pesticide residues and soil pollution”. Trainees of Seventh Advanced level training in Soil Testing, Plant analysis and Water Quality Assessment, September 2011, Division of SSAC, IARI New Delhi.
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